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Teachers in training - and their students

Teaching English on Phuket:
Job and Training Options

Teaching English is the career for those who wish to travel and see the world - yet don't have that Harvard MBA, a Ph.D. in physics - or any other education that will win instant employment wherever you wish to go.

Many people who seek to live in this part of the world and wish an income to support themselves, or for a little pocket money, or to lengthen a long holiday; turn to teaching English as the solution. 

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General & Thailand EFL FAQ

Many people have found it to be a very satisfying career, live in a variety of countries, travel a good portion of the world, build a reasonable investment base for retirement and just have a damn good time.  You too, may wish to consider it.

Go to the EFL on Phuket page to learn more about the teaching situation on Phuket as well as about the schools, colleges, and universities where one might look for teaching work on Phuket.

How to Choose and Evaluate a TEFL Program
Insider Tips on finding the BEST TEFL Training Program for your situation and needs.

Written by a retired teacher-trainer to help you find what you need.

If you decide to teach EFL - do what honorable people do - get yourself some training in how to do it properly.  People in much of the world pay, what for them is a significant amount of money, for their ongoing education in English.  Please do them the service of educating yourself in how to do it well. 

Getting yourself trained will also greatly increase your job satisfaction - when you KNOW you are doing a good job, and you can see your students progress.

IF you have the time and the money it takes, look for a school that offers you the "internationally accepted standards" of at least 100+ hours of classroom instruction - and a minimum of six hours of observed teaching practice.  If you are not sure about TEFL and just want an introduction to see if you will like once you try it - try a less expensive online TEFL Course such as TEFL Boot Camp.

On another page here are comments written on different forums and via e-mail  that people interested in Teaching English Abroad might be interested in.  It is by no means exhaustive or complete - but it might give those considering this career option some food for thought.  The EFL FAQ

If you are unsure how to pick a TEFL school
and of all the things that should be considered,
check out this guide:
How to Pick a TEFL School

Would you like an opinion on which TEFL Certification Course
offers you the greatest benefit?

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TEFL eBooks might have just what you need to know . . .



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