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Selecting a TEFL Certification Course

  Itís not always beautiful beaches and big money, but it can be . . .

Is TEFL for me?

 International travel, an exciting and interesting life . . .

Significant savings each month
(up to US$1000 a month or more in some countries) . . .

All these things and more are possible with a teaching career in EFL.  And, if desired, it can be much more than just a one or two year adventure.

When considering a residential course - probably the best way to decide is to sit in on the course for at least half a day.  This will give you the real feel of the course, its content, and its instructor(s).  Respect the openness and honesty of the programs that offer you the option.

 Why should I get a TEFL certification?

 Your First Job

You want your first employment overseas to start on a successful and positive note.  You want to be sought after, confident of doing the job as a skilled professional, and able to choose among the better jobs in the location of your choice.  The best way to achieve this is to get some training before you seek employment. 

Your Students

Students who study English in foreign countries deserve skilled and qualified teachers.  English is seen as a passport to a better future. Families often spend what is for them a large amount of money for  English education.  Give them a fair shake and get qualified.   Donít just pretend to be a teacher in the TEFL classroom.  Be one!

Where do I start?

 There are many things to consider when making a decision about your training. 
Critical factors to be addressed include:

 Type of certificate:

Does it meet international standards?
Will one type of certificate  help me get a job more than another?

 How long does the course take?

How many hours are involved in the course?  How soon can I start my first job?

 How much does the course cost?

What do different courses cost? 
Are the expensive programs really worth it? 
Why do they cost so much more?     

Where is training provided? 

Can I study in the country Iíd like to teach in?

Is the program Iím considering reputable? 

How do I find out?

Which program is the best for me?

How can I be sure?

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Which Certificate is best for me?

 The best certificate for you is the one that will get you the job you want.  Enquire about requirements in the country where you want to teach. No one certificate will do everything for everyone in every country.  In many countries NO certification is required and an online course is just fine.

Be aware that people who have taken different courses often have very strong opinions in favor of the program they spent their time and money on (of course!).  Look past the strong opinions - and try to gather as much objective data as you can.

Job markets vary greatly by country and sometimes even within each country or even by employer.  TEFL certification is not required in some countries, but may give you an advantage over other applicants, help you get the better jobs, and you will know what you are doing.  

In many countries certification is required and the preference for certain ďname brandĒ certificates varies.  Often language schools that also operate TEFL programs will advertise a strong preference for their "house brand" certificate.  It is good indirect advertising of their brand - but can give a distorted view of the job market. 

 Generally speaking, international standards for in-classroom residental type TEFL programs currently call for a minimum of 100 to 120 classroom hours of instruction and at least six to eight hours of supervised teaching practice. 

 Any training is better than no training at all, If you donít have the time or money, volunteer in your home country for a while and read as much as you can.  Literacy Volunteers of America provides free training in the USA.  Other countries will have similar opportunities.

The CELTA, (Cambridge Certificate in English Language Teaching to Adults) is often considered the most well known, but also the most expensive alternative - and is focused on teaching adults (the "A" in CELTA).  Most new teachers start out teaching younger students. 

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