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Top 10 Things to See and Do While Visiting Phuket

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Classic Krabi SunsetKrabi: Across the Bay from Phuket

An easy day trip by car

Explore Krabi if you get a chance the drive is easy to do and beautiful landscape is along the way.

Here though, we'll be talking more about Ao Nang - the beach area just away a bit from Krabi, as Krabi sits on the mouth of a river - slightly upstream from the sea.

A great place to eat in Ao Nang - just off the beach - a view if you twist your neck a bit - is the Navarang Mahal restaurant - Great Indian food - at a very reasonable price.

Navarang Mahal    Navarang Mahal

They have a well-reputed shop in Patong too - but the head chef moved down to Krabi to get this shop open - so all the original flavor is here as well.  Find it on the north end of the beach road in the restaurant mall there.  You'll find the owner a friendly and talkative guy.

A reasonable place to stay - off the beach a bit - but not the best of bargains price wise is the Krabi Seaview Resort Nice bungalows on a hillside, no view, but very clean rooms and only a three minute walk from the beach. 

They also have an excellent, though simple, breakfast buffet included in the price.  The staff are friendly and speak English well.

Krabi Seaview Resort    Krabi Seaview Resort

Local color: fishermen preparing their boats for a wedding festival

Krabi Wedding Festival

Krabi is only a 2.5 hour drive from Phuket - if you drive sanely.  While it seems like quite a drive - the countryside is beautiful all the way.  It makes a great day trip from Phuket - or you can spend the night and come back the next day.

Keep an eye out for this guy playing the accordion seaside some Sunday mornings.


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