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Best Island Drives

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Phuket's Best Island Drives

Touring the island - Out and About Phuket

So few people actually get around Phuket and really see what is here.  Rubber plantations, pineapple fields, coconut groves, incredible sea views, winding mountain roads with wonderful bay views - Phuket has it all. 

The Trisara Drive is one of the best drives to catch all those features.  The area along this drive is quickly becoming home to Phuket, Thailand, and South-East Asia's most exclusive villas.
Nai Thon Beach
Just below Trisara

North East Loop ViewThe northeast part of the island is rarely seen by tourists - but has some of the most stunning views of the bay and a sampling of small villages and rural life.


Mission Hills Golf Course

If you love golf and incredible bay views, the Mission Hills Loop can't be beat.  The PR folks at Mission Hills Golf course will give you a free Club Car tour of the course if you ask.
Prom Thep Cape

Down on the southern tip of the island (can you tell I live on the north side?) is the famous Prom Thep Point - and a country drive through the area.

Dreamland Villa

Just a hop, skip and a jump from Prom Thep Point - you'll find the Dream Land Loop.  This drive is the deciding point for many who are thinking about living on Phuket.



The Phuket Town Hills drive will give you some great views of the city and out over the bay and islands.  If you are lucky you'll get to see some of Phuket's resident monkeys!

Now, get up off that beach chair for a least a day - and see what's out here!

It is worth renting a car if you are staying on the island for more than a day or two - there is so much to see - great drives, great sunsets and sunrises, hidden away beaches - public transportation or tuk tuks just can't get you there.  If/when you rent - rent only from a reputable agency.  Not all rent a car agencies have first class insurance - some won't want you to leave the island - some play games with small scratches and dents.  Never leave your passport with a rent a car company - some will ask.  Take a couple copies of your passport with you - carry one with you at all time - and leave a copy for the car.  That way if there should be any dispute - you won't have to worry about your passport.


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